Ordering flat whites to start and they came out quite quickly considering how busy the place was. They tasted good, balanced with a slight bitterness which I always like. I like that they roast all of their own beans and coffee too.


Sitting on a communal table its hard to not look and another couple ordered a Hot- Chocolate. I looked amazing so the only choice we had was top order one each. Its from the well known brand ‘Mork’ Presented in a nice way with a stick of pure chocolate coming out of it. Sadly for me it ended there to was too bitter and not very sweet as i thought a hot chocolate should be.



So I went for the Avo Smash adding in the bacon. This dish was nice and presented in a way that was easy to eat. Just a few things for the price I would have expected a second poached egg. Also I added bacon for a charge of $5 more which is fine but the bacon portion was small for this price.


Matt ordered the PB Jelly French toast and he loved the food however the portion size was tiny and it was gone in a couple of minutes, feeling left hungry after and wanting to order another dish.

PB Jelly


For a busy Saturday morning being seating withing 10 minutes was impressive and we was also offered a few different spots to where we could sit which was a nice thought. Food was delivered at a very reasonable spot, however we had to get attention to order a second drink rather than being asked.


This Place has good food but small portions, the service is ok and the coffee was nice. It is set in a great space with lots of separate areas that works well as one. I would come back again but not in a hurry and i would be more selective with what i ordered next time.

3.5/5Seven Seeds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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