So i ordered a flat white as I do everywhere, My mistake i forget i was no longer in Melbourne! I think they may have forget to add the Coffee, but maybe that’s my Coffee Snob’ness’ coming out. It was hot and drinkable, not worth a shot though as no latte art was considered. The orange Juice was nice though.


The had some deal where you got 3 sharing plates for so much, i cant remember the number but it was good value for it. Chicken Nuggets, Calamari & Cauliflower Nuggets.


All 3 dished looked good and tasted great, The Chicken nuggets were super fresh and hot served with a spicy mayo it was the perfect combo and a good portion size for the price.


The Cauliflower, this was my favourite of the three. Deep fried in a good crumb with lots of great flavours. One thing i would say though is the sizing was a bit uneven some small pieces and other massive pieces. Not being given sharing plates either did not help.


The Calamari, Fresh and a great spice level again server with a great dipping sauce. A bit too chewy for me though so it lost a few points there was overall a good dish.



Sadly there was not much service here apart from taking the order and being brought it, but when your in a place full of backpackers in a way it was expected.


Average drinks and decent enough food it was a good shout for our small amount of time in Manly. I am not sure if i would return again as there are lots of other places around but it was not the worst p[lace i have ever been to either.


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